Saturday, December 05, 2009

Celebrate with Stars, Angels, Sheep and the Manger!

Today at church we had a family Christmas celebration with games, crafts, music...all as families. Here are a few crafts we made:

Star Topper

1. Cut out two stars.
2. Tape some ribbon to the back of one star.
3. Staple the two stars together, leaving a space for the pencil.
4. Decorate the star, and place on a pencil.

Angel Windsock

1. Fold a piece of 12x18" construction paper in half lengthwise, then add stars to one side.
2. Attach some streamers along one edge of the paper on the other side.
3. Cut out and add angels to some of your streamers. (a cookie cutter works well for a template)
4. Staple the construction paper into a tube.
5. Punch two holes and add a pipe cleaner for a hanger.

Plate Angel

1. Draw an angel shape, like in the photo, onto a paper plate.
2. Cut around your line.
3. Punch some holes to decorate the angel’s wings and skirt.
4. Add a bit of glitter glue for extra sparkle!

Sheep Pop

1. Wrap a napkin around a sucker, then secure with a rubber band.
2. Trim off some extra napkin so that the bottom is smooth.
3. Glue on two wiggle eyes.
4. Glue on two ears, and a snout.

Baby Jesus Spoon

1. Draw a face on the large end of a wooden ice cream spoon.
2. Wrap a piece of cheese cloth around the smaller end of the spoon.
3. Add some glue to secure the cloth.
4. Tuck the Baby Jesus into some “straw”.

We also made Nativity scenes out of clay pots.

Pot Nativity Mary

Pot Nativity Joseph

Pot Nativity Jesus

There are lots of variations on this idea out there, but ours basically followed the instructions at this site. (I wish I had the sources for all the others, but I don't...)

Making simple things like these is a wonderful way to remember what this season is all about...enjoy!

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