Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be an Angel! Or a Sheep! Or a Shepherd!

This is the first of a couple posts sharing some fun and easy Christmas crafts that we recently did with families at church. Enjoy!

Dressing up as characters from the Christmas story is so much fun, for both kids and adults. Here are a few simple projects that will make you into angels, sheep and shepherds!

Angel Halo
An angel halo can be made with wire star trim/garland, but to make it extra sparkly, add some regular tinsel or tinsel garland. Wrap it all up and be an angel!

Sheep Hat
This sheep hat is just strips of construction paper made into a headband with ear shapes stapled on. Cotton balls complete the look, and're a sheep!

Shepherd Hat
Shape two pieces of tissue paper onto someone's head (it's easier to work with someone, rather than placing it on your own head). Then wrap some masking tape around the head, and now you're a shepherd!

Special thanks to Anders for modeling the sheep and shepherd. We would have made him an angel too, but thought that might be going a little far...

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