Saturday, December 18, 2010

Use Toilet Paper Tubes!

TP Shepherd
Toilet paper tubes are an excellent craft resource, and they are easy to come by. This first project is a little silly, but also kinda cute.

To make a shepherd, wrap a toilet paper tube in paper (we used tissue), then add a circle face. The head covering is another piece of tissue, glued around the top and then tied with yarn. Tie a pipe cleaner crook, and glue on a cotton ball sheep. Simple and sweet!
Tube Nativity
If you want an entire Nativity, and you don't want to look for many supplies, head over to Catholic Icing for an adorable printable set. She wraps hers onto toilet paper tubes, but we just printed ours on card stock and taped them into tube shapes. There are lots of pieces in the set, including the stable!


It's me said...

Can you guys be anymore creative?!?! Love love love all your ideas! Thank you for sharing!!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

I love your stuff and I can't believe you printed my nativity set! This really made my day. :-)

Merry Christmas!!!